Walmart black friday deals work right now

just got borderlands 2, xcom enemy unknown, forza horizon and  the new NFS game all for black friday prices, also got my sister a wii game, so it seems all games are marked down NOW

how you do it, people keep telling my "games are wrapped up so they not selling"  go to the NORMAL game section, ask them to open the case to buy the normally $60 game, when they ring it up it's $25 ( or whatever the sale price is)


this sale was supposed to start 8pm ( which is in 3 hours my time )  you ask them to open the locked display case, when it rings it's the right price, if it doesn't work, play stupid I guess, I made 3 trips with the same person and  I think the manager started catching on that the BF sales were working

whether this is still working is unknown when you read it, I just got home 10 mins ago and it worked. 


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i just got back from my local Walmart too. it works. i got Borderlands 2, Xcom, Forza H, Lego Batman 2 and  Spec Ops at their 8pm prices. beat the rush. go. now.

person on friends list reported this worked about 10 mins ago to me, so some walmarts are still doing this, beat the rush, get your shopping done now, if it works or doesn't work where you are feel free to post the location and time you went

also make sure the game you are trying to get is on sale, halo 4 and black ops 2 ARE NOT NOT NOT NOT NOT NOT on sale so you WILL NOT get them for $25.

You can add HitMan Absolution to the list of games not on sale I just went to my walmart and pick up Warfighter and XCom for $25 each but Hitman rang up at $59.99 kinda of me sad lol but I will be checking best buy out tomorrow for some other games and will be keeping my fingers crossed that they might have Hitman for cheaper.

do research, its not going to be on sale, the sales were on this board weeks ago I even made the post, either way I assume people out west can still get in early before the crowd but the word is probably out or the employees are not honoring the computer price

Ya I saw your post and forgot about it so my bad. Anyway thanks for the walmart heads up now that i got walmart out of the way I only have to go to Verizon and best buy tomorrow it's to bad they don't have 24 hr stores lol.

That's pretty funny, haha. Very nice catch.

Exactly US Revenege..i got WWE 13 out of the case which came with the Mike Tyson playable character...the ones they had in the displays were with no Mike Tyson and blue label..hopefully people took your advice and got the better deal...even the line at the case was small everybody else waited for the colored label games...yaaaay for me.