Wall Hacker Proof, yay for cheaters.

Here is a video of a game me and my friends were in when a player name CHOCOBO was wall hacking. The video doesnt look as good as when I was editing it in game, but you get the point. Enjoy..especially the last scene.

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it could be the pc version or ps3. this is no proof.

  I havent played kill confirmed. Is there no uav or portable radar?

On kill confirmed there is uav and portable radar. You just collect dog tags from other players. The first team to 75 dog tags wins the match. I think thats how much you need but don't remember

   Well that pretty much settles it then ......... no proof has been shown, other than you are able to kill through walls, and I thought everyone knew you could do that.

  And btw ..... its against the rules to "name and shame" here. I believe the main reason for that is 99% of "proven" instances of cheating have a logical eplaination, and you are probably calling out innocent people for nothing.


Don't be a ***. Its on xbox. You are more than welcome to send me a friend request and watch that clip or the entire match in my vault.

This was on hardcore, this is not a UAV or portable radar, we dont play regular mode. Also Like I mentioned you can watch the entire 10 minute match in my vault where he does this like 60 more times. Slot 3 in my vault, short clip is slot 4. Find me on leaderboards on xbox mw3 menus or send friend request to see my vault if you dont believe me. It's real, its out there.

Tired old man:

This isnt an accident, he is FOLLOWING people with his bullets as they walk along walls...this is not random luck, watch the entire game from my vault if you dont believe. He is shooting through walls, I dont even understand how you can think otherwise if you actually know this game and see the angles he is pulling off.

Also..lol, you really think by 10th prestige we don't know you can shoot through walls normally? Really? He is AIMING and FOLLOWING ppl through the walls not just shooting through them at random. I have played every COD game to max prestige, I know how they work.

UAV or portable radar or not, that was cheating.  Being able to pin point precisely kill an opponent through a wall as if it were not there, is cheating.  Could be a PC game or PS3, doesn't matter the platform, still cheating.

      I shoot people through walls quite frequently. In hardcore mode its even easier.

      But the question here is proof ........

      You clip doesnt show any proof that he wasnt using radar, and there is only 1 vid in your vault, the one in this thread.

   What I find just as suspicious as a guy shooting people to walls is a 10/80 player  with only 19 hours played.

Thats not good

The entire UNEDITED match is in my vault slot 3. I accepted your friend request you should be able to see it now.


Hello is this mic on? ..its XBOX how would it be PC or PS3 when its in my XBOX MW3 VAULT SLOT 3 COMPLETELY UNEDITED WATCH IT YOURSELF.

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