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Good after to all.. Im new to The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, but i love the game. So far things had been going great until last night. Last night i was on the quest for the Golden Claw, and  i noticed that my guy started walking very slowly. I pressed the control down to make him move faster but he wouldnt.  What pissed me off is when you free the guys from the spider webs i couldnt chase him because my guy wouldnt move fast behind him. Can anybody tell me whats going on as to why that is happening?

Thanks for your help.


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I don't think we're meant to catch him, so you weren't able to run fast at that point. Just keep following him and you will soon find out what happened to him. You should also be able to run normally again after that.

You can catch him, and your probably carrying to much weight, try dropping a few items

Yup...what fuzybunny said...you're "over-encumbered", which means the combined weight of the items you're carrying is too heavy for your character....just drop some stuff you don't need - if you're carrying any large iron weapons, I recommend dropping those, they weigh a lot, and arn't worth much

I don't recall ever being able to actually catch him, and I wasn't over-encumbered at the time. He was always faster than me. But, in several consecutive games, I continued on and came across him laying there at the same spot each time.    

I'e chased him and watched him get whacked by draghrs and the spiked gate. Once I just killed him in the web but I don't think I ever caught him if i freed him first. It doesn't much matter since he's fodder.

encumbered (too much weight), or crouching

I've had this happen when I was crouching and then mined some ore.  It would look like I was standing as normal, but the game thought I was crouching.  Just toggle your crouch to get out of it.