Waking Nightmare Glitch (Spoilers, probably)

I'm trying to do the Waking Nightmare quest for the skull of corruption to get the Oblivion Walker achievement.


I follow Erandur to the temple, I speak to him outside and then he enters. When I follow he is no where to be found, the quest marker arrow points a location far off to the right (local map) and the room I'm in has no doors. Is the quest 'borked' or is there a way to fix it?


I've had the quest started for ages (about 30 hours in on a now 106 hour character) but never followed Erandur to the temple (I just left him in the inn) so going back to a previous save is not an option.


I can still do the trick to get both the saviours hide and ring of hircine to get the Oblivion Walker achievement without the staff but I'd rather not.




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You might just have to do that, otherwise you will have to start a new character and just go through getting the items. I was hoping it would be like the one from oblivion but it only drains stamina, so to me it wouldn't be something I would miss.