Waiting For 4J Studios To Add The Hopper To Xbox Version

The upcoming Redstone Update for the PC version of Minecraft includes an item called "the Hopper" which will collect resource blocks that fall into it and will deposit them in a chest, furnace, etc.  As someone that builds a lot of resource generating structures in Survival mode, I've always been frustrated that there is no way to automatically deposit items in a chest.  Alas, as the final version of the Redstone update has not yet come out on the PC, it will be a while before this gets incorporated into the Xbox version (if ever).  Still, it is the contraption that many have long desired.


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Well, you don't have long to wait for that--you will probably have that this month.  I don't play on Creative Mode, so they have no value to me.

I want them to add mob eggs too!