Wait What?

There's a room next that dumpster on quarry? What? How long has this been there?


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Since Quarry was released...


It was put there exclusively for boosters because I could otherwise see no use for it...ever.

What room? And on what side of that map is that room?

Do you know where the SAM missile vehicle is in the warehouse? Go up to the window overlooking the other warehouse by the minivan and bulldozer. Look straight at the dumpster you can see out that window. Next to it there is a small opening and you can go in an approximately 4 ft by 4 ft storage shed/box/room thing. Like KO said there is literally no use for it because if any explosive gets in there it's an instant death. Personally, I prefer the sleeping bags and campfire spot better.

Oh yea, I became familiar with that spot playing search and the one guy on the enemy team that was left wanted to hide. I just tube it anytime I play now.

I found that room via my friend. He hid in there as I came his way cause he was out of ammo. Walked right by it, he jumped out and knifed me. Confused I was.

I'm always leaving claymores in there.