Wait... is this legal?

I had pre-ordered Gears 3 at a gamestop near my old job thinking that when I'm done with my closing shift I'd be able to walk on over and pick up Gears 3 on the 20th during midnight launch. This was done about 6 months ago. Well, I quit that job because I found a better one and eventually ended up cancelling my pre-order at that gamestop to re-pre-order Gears 3 at my local neighborhood gamestop. I've posted a thread on this, but a long story short: The gamestop that I recently cancelled my Gears 3 pre-order from had informed me that they're holding a tournament and the prizes are a $100 and $75 gift card while my neighborhood gamestop is doing nothing extraordinary.

Being informed of this, I was eager to cancel my pre-order at my local Gamestop and re-pre-order Gears 3 at the gamestop near my old job. When I get to my local gamestop and confront the employee behind the counter, he then tells me " You can't cancel your pre-order because we had issues with people pre-ordering just to get the beta code and then cancelling after that ". I left the store without really trying to stir up any arguments because I had to get somewhere in a timely matter. Now that I think about it, I was able to cancel my pre-order of Gears 3 from the gamestop that already gave me the beta code which was the one located next to my old job.

I already put down $59.99 for Gears 3 in my pre-order. So, like the title says, is this legal? Should I call the higher authorities about this ( District Managers )? Or should I just get my Gears 3 copy from my neighborhood gamestop and just forget about eating free pizza and soda and the chance of winning $100 at the other gamestop?


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you should go back into them and ask them to transfer your pre-order to the other store, i wouldn't think that would be a problem.

i know that you can exchange games that you purchased in one gamestop with another gamestop store, if there is a problem with them and you still have your receipt, i've done this a couple of times.

Hell no it's legal.  You go right back in there and tell him that it's your money, and you want it now!  Seriously, that employee is full of crap, go get your money.  I've had nothing but great experiences at Gamestops around my area, but the one you went to seems shady.  That guy just doesn't want his preorder numbers to go down.

Just pre-order from the other gamestop and take back GOW 3 to the gamestop that refuses to cancel your PO and get your money back

On the GameStop website:


Note: An order cannot be cancelled once the pre-order item or code has been supplied.

So technically they didn't have to let you cancel that first pre-order, but I would think that most stores would do it anyway to keep a happy customer.

Did you get another beta code from your local store?  If not, they have no reason to hold your pre-order.

Get them to put it on a Gamestop giftcard.

Brainp0wa, I didn't get my beta code from my local Gamestop so they in fact have no right to refuse me of my refund. I'm going back there again today. At first, I'm going to act like a civilized customer like always, but if they deny me again, all hell's gonna break loose in that store.

I don't know.  It sure is fun though, isn't it?!

Why not just go to the Gamestop you already pre-ordered at, get the game, then go to the other one for the tournament?

You're not qualified to be in the tournament if you haven't pre-ordered with that gamestop.

just have them transfer it, you arent canceling the pre order, just switching stores.

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