Waht's next ?

This last update/patch brought a lot of good changes , but I have to wonder what the next one will bring . Anyone know ?


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Hey found this forum a few pages down hope it helps. forums.xbox.com/.../476875.aspx                  

The End, with dragons.  In the very least was announced.

   The End

       Will be different to the Computer.

   End Stone

       Ender Dragon

           Ender Dragon breathes 'Ender acid' (Xbox Exclusive).

       Exit portal spawns when you enter The End but is only activated when the Ender Dragon is killed.

       Ender Crystals

           2 of them are covered by iron bars.

               This feature is still being tested and may not appear in TU9.

   Option to reset the Nether.

   Spawn eggs (stackable to 16).

   X on maps to show location of the End Portal when someone is in the End.

   Sheeps can now regrow their wool by eating grass.

   Re-added beaches.

   Bowls now stackable up to 64.

   1.2.1 Feature: Vines can now be climbed to ascend and descend..

   1.2.1 Feature: Fire charge.

   1.2.4 Feature: Wooden plank color now is equivalent to its original wood.

   1.2.4 Feature: Birch and Spruce wood planks, slabs and stairs.

   1.3.1 Feature: Buckets now stackable up to 16.

   1.3.1 Feature: Sandstone stairs.

   1.3.1 Feature: Signs are now stackable to 16.

   1.3.1 Feature: Dispensers will now place the liquid in buckets.

   1.3.1 Feature: Changed Gravel texture

   1.4.2 Feature: Wooden Button

   1.4.2 Feature: Item frames.

   1.4.6 Feature: Nether Brick slabs.

   1.5 Feature: Nether Bricks can be made by smelting Netherrack.