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ive been looking around for an answer but maybe im not wording the question right or something


What i wanna know is when your VP is a goalie, your stats at the other positions are really low, like 20s or so. My question is if you go and play an pro ranked match or a club game with your VP set as goalie and you play lets say CAM, what stats does your VP use? Does he use the goalie stats where all non goalie stats are in the 20s or does he use the stats that would be there if he wasnt set as goalie. Basiclly the reason i ask this is if you play pro ranked games and you wanna play GK, your more often than not not getting the GK spot...I hope someone has an answer to this


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He would play with the keeper stats. It's the same as if your keeper is sent packing. You put your defender in goal to replace him, it goes with you CB's stats because he is a defender, not a keeper.

its something that needs to be addressed in 12...as it stands now if you dont get the GK position your stats at passing and shooting probably suffer unless the game converts your stats into position stats...i dont know...would kinda suck if you had goalie stats with sucky passing ans shooting playing a non GK spot and vise versus if you had great passing and shooting stats with sucky goalie stats and had to play GK

I was wondering about this myself a couple of months ago. So Yeah good question I guess.

also, if anyone is looking for a person to play on their club, im more than willing to do that too, I mostly play CAM,RAM,LAM but ill try anywhere as long as you dont expect me to be to good lol....just looking for a friendly club that enjoys to play and has fun and doesnt get all pissy if they loose