VP accomlishments not registering

ok, so i definately have 17 man of the matches at defence. and i probably have more at midfield. but for some reason it says i only have 10 man of the matches in total. the same thing goes for my headers, blocked shots, and clean sheets(as a defender). all of my other accomplishments are/have registered (im 70+% complete) except these. any help? i have tried reseting my match settings and the likes but nothing works. i have proof of this (as im top 100 on defence and it shows how many man of the matches and clean sheets i have).


any tips/suggestions/help?


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My guess is that some of these matches you played weren't at a high enough difficulty for what the accomplishment requires.  To unlock some you have to be at least playing Professional, and others you need to be at either World Class or Legendary (can't remember, sorry.)

But I play 90% Of my matches on pro clubs or pro ranked. And all the accomplishments on all difficulties should register

ive had this prob aswell my goals didnt start registering  untill i had scored 5 . but i should have about 10 now .also you get some shirts or summat for playing a gamei n the rain .it took 6 rainy games for it to unlock .and this was pro clubs online

I know a few friends who've had this problem . The Man of the match system is flawed. The final screen after a Pro Club or Pro ranked match is wrong. If you actually go to the player ratings screen itself that where you can find the real man of the match .


10 games in the rain is the other unlock . As for the others its often woth checking the difficulty level at the top of each accomplishment page.

hope this helps

i know its ten but theres also a unlock for 1 game in the rain and it took 6 to unlock the first one

I have the same problem. None of my Defensive accomplishments are registering. I know I've blocked a few shots and made a few tackles but everything is firmly rooted to zero!!

One or two Mental ones aren't working either!?

Once again, I pretty much only play this game on pro ranked or clubs so which as stated by Scar, should count all accomplishment levels.

Anyone have any ideas???

Possibly not registering through the servers maybe? Everything seems to be working fine via offline play.

I can agree with that. Played a few games offline and got some accomplishments.

The best bit, when I got the Mental accomp "layoff for teammate to strike at goal"... It unlocked when I chipped the kepper from outside the area..... ?