Volus and Vorcha Engineer Glitch

Ok so since I unocked the Vorcha Hunter last night both the hunter and the volus engineer have been experiencing a gltich where when the class levels up they get all the previous levels worth of Skill points allocated to them. So right now My Volus Engineer has all the skills and powers maxed out. an the Vorcha is close to the same. Once I have spent those points, the skill point count then goes into a negative next time I access the powers chart. Currently my Volus is -49 Points.

Has anyone else had this glitch occur? And yeah I have no intention of promoting that class ever again. unless they patch the glitch and my powers reset.


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You're not the only one.  It seems to affect the new Retaliation characters.  Perhaps one day, they'll fix the bug and we'll be back to Square One.

Yeah it has also affected my Volus adept as well.