VoiD Clan Recruiting!!!!

VoiD is a trickshotting/quickscoping clan so far and we haven't decided whether or no to branch out and be a all out (any weapon clan) yet.

I would love to form a well rounded clan of really good people maybe about 8 people. we have 3 people including me and aren't looking for many

more. We need a GIRL GAMER not a GAMER GIRL. Just a legit girl that can quickscope well/is intersted in joining the clan.


Requirements - Must trickshot or quickscope

-Must be willing to change their GT to VoiD __________ (<insert second part of name)

-Must be willing to hit clips for TeamTages and Single tages.

-Must help promote the vids they take part in.

-Must be cool people LOL.

-Must be at least 15-16 unless you are some amazingly skilled 10 year old that kicks a**


Those requirments are for Men/ Women I was just pointing out that we need a Girl/Woman in our clan to balance things out.

We major in Blackops 2 or modern warfare for the most part but some of us play other stuff also.




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Ide like to join ur clan

I'm a 17 year old girl (will be 18 in less than one month) and is willing to join. Message me if you want me.