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Anyone know why voice chat won't work in lobby or games?  I checked options, both game/voice volume are up.  I haven't played for a while so the only thing I can figure is I changed some setting and can't remember what it is.  I did a test to make sure the mic works by sending a message to another GT.


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Its not you or your settings.    This has been crap since day one.   And apparently from what i've seen on here and the COD forums, it was a problem in MW2 also.     People sound like they are talking thru a tube, under-water, with marbles in their mouth.   Different settings dont fix, different headphones/headsets dont fix.    And the problem doesnt appear to be something that is going to be fixed.     Along with the other problems with the game that dont appear to be any kind of priority to get fixed.  

^ LOL WHAT? I've been talking perfectly with my friends with ALDI mics for ages! I've never heard of this problem before, on BF, yes, but not on this!

For Melonhead's post, the person in question was probably using a Kinect mic, unless you are yourself... it's a very well-known issue with them: they sound *** horrible.

^ I know, a bad mic is generally referred to as a "Kinect mic" by my friends and I, and bad internet connection is referred to "Macca's WiFi".

No the voice worked fine before I got (FIFA) hacked and then took some time to get my account straight again...in the meantime I just played Skyrim.  Anyway, finally got back online and now I can't hear any voice at all in game, I see the mics light up but no chat.  Before I shut down last night I noticed family settings were on so I turned them off, but didn't boot MW3 back up again to check.  Maybe that was part of it.

Check your privacy settings, see if you have it listed as "friends only" chat. That way people only listen to you when your their friend. Oh if your locked out, there's a backdoor to everything with MS.


1. On the 360 dashboard, scroll over to the "System" tab.

2. On the System tab, click "Console Settings".

3. Scroll down in console settings and click "System Info".

4. When the system info box comes up type in this sequence:

LT RT X Y LB RB Y "Left Stick in" (press it in) Y Y

A box should come up and say, "Would you like to reset the console to the factory defaults?"

Click Reset and you're done!


That's how you reset your Xbox family setting to default. You will have to redo the original config on your console, but everything, all downloads, etc, is fine and still working. I've done it myself, it's fine. ;)

Cool, thanks for all that info.  I'll give it a try when I get home.

Is your mic muted? I know after market headsets have a mic mute, mine does anyways.