voice chat not working

don't know if it's just me or the game, but when i play with friends they can't hear me. I have to restart my xbox and get back in the game for chat to work. I'm also not in a party just in game chat. Anyone else having this problem?


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I've had this happen several times...which  is why I don't really talk unless I'm in with friends, and we just use party chat anyway.

I hardly ever hear anyone talking in games.  However, when I'm in party chat I can talk with my friends just fine.  I was wondering if there was something wrong as well.

Happened to me today.  I restarted my Xbox with the controller and the mic already attached and it worked.  I have no idea if this is a fix.  Starting without the mic attached to the controller defaulted to the Kinect for all chat.

yes i am

good to know. Hope they fix this it's getting annoying lol

Works randomly.

whew! I was thinking something was really wrong! My NAT is open, I can see the mic icon when I speak, but nobody was chatting.  Seems like a game made for chat/smack talk!