Viva Pinata printable guide

Years ago I created a printable guide that will detail everything you need to know to get and romance each pinata species.   Because the new forums deleted the old threads on this, I am re-posting the link for those lucky enough to have discovered this great game.  I am not sure what version of my guide this is, but you have any questions just let me know via a post here or a PM.


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link has a 403 error: Your client does not have permission to get URL /images/2/2e/Viva.pdf from this server. :\

Link to the direct file did not work for some reason.  her is a link to the guides, just make sure you get the right one for the version of the game you are playing.

hi i love viva pinata so funny oh look a worm lol!!!!!!!!!!

can any one help me get 4 pinata's if so send me a friend invite

i'm level 108 and i heard somewhere that if you have them miners keep mining they eventually dig up a dinosaur egg?

Yes kind of, do a search on the net for viva piñata dinosaur for the details.

dragonache egg