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Hello gamers! My wife is pregnant with twins and was recently put on bedrest. In order to keep her from going crazy, I bought her Viva Pinata. She likes it, but she is frustrated with money. Can someone please send her some chocolate coins and some pinatas to keep her interested. I would really appreciate it. The more the better. And, if you need assistance in a game online, I can help out. I can help knock out some multiplayer achievements ot something.

Thanks guys.

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I know i'm late but i'll send her some

I had to check to see if my gardens were on my Memory unit and they weren't. So I can't send you some chocolate coins or pinatas . However, I can give you some advice on how to make some chocolate coins.

Breeding and selling off pinata off spring is a good way to make money.

Have her create a weed garden (no pinatas) and plant venus pinata trap seeds. The  flower heads sell for quite a bit.

Chili and pumpkin are cheap but sell good.

Higher end game flowers also sell well:  Orchid, snapdrag, bullrush.

Anyhow, sorry I couldn't send you some pinatas or coins, but my old game was on an ex's xbox and it didn't get transfered to the MU it seems.

i need help as well i got a new xbox

best way to get lots of coins is to use the chilli trick, plant lots of chilli seeds then use red fertiliser on them 3 times. you spend roughly 300 coins but in return get more than you can shake a stick at!

i kinda got this game for my 6 year Im cant stop lol Ill help out to as soon as I get on my feet in the game.

There are a couple of good ways to get chocolate coins.

Romance whirlms until you can get wildcards(collect all hearts in maze) then sell all of the whirlms including the wildcard ones to get a LOT of money. I had about 100 whirlms and I got at least 10000 coins. This can be tedious and long but you can also get 2 achivements while your at it :)

Or just fertilize pumpkins and chilis and tulips. It's way quicker :)

were do u go to look at viva pinata game detail page?

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i love the chili trick as well as breeding works well

if you actively play feel free to add me

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