Virtual Pro HELP needed

I've played well over 100 games with my Pro (mainly in Career mode), I've played a season at the back, one in midfield, and half a season up front. I've scored plenty of goals and assisted in many too. But yet my Pro stil only has an overall rating of 76. Am I doing something wrong here?

Any tips?


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Hey, are you playing on world class? Most accomplishments have to be done on that level and have you looked into that list aswell for things to complete? Basicly just look at the list, and try to complete them 1 by 1, however there are a lot of them that just require you to play a lot of games.

Good luck with it.

Thanks for that, I think I'll finish this league season on Professional, then move up to World Class. That seems to be the ticket.

There is an even easier way to do it.

Edit a half star team to have a goal keeper who is the shortest possible and really fat.

Then edit them to all out attack leave on defender and play him as either CAM,RW or CF and you will be able to get loads of goals on world class to rank him up quickly you can also 1v1 with the defender all the time and beat him (Set his stats low also very tall and very fat should do)

Hope this helps I know the pain of having to rank up your virtual pro it's a pain.

I feel your pain Jigglypuff, but there is a waaaay easier method for that, download this creation team ( they're all overall 1 and really short & fat and stuff ), one of my friends has boosted his char like mad playing against this team.