Virtua Tennis 4 - Big Letdown, or just frustrating

I've been after a decent tennis game for ages, so of course, after reading various reviews, I went ahead and purchased VT4.

First impressions were pretty good. The world tour is stupidly annoying in that you rarely make tournaments in time.

My biggest gripe is this - Online Gameplay.

To me it felt slightly dimwitted and sluggish and after only owning it for 2 days am already thinking of trading it in, which I really don't want to do as I like this game!

There's some cracks that need ironing out - I really cant stand that i'm matched up against a far superior player as a newbie. I've had to endure about 15 losses in a row just to earn a drivel of XP to level up (not that levelling up appears to do anything)

the game mechanics just feel so slow to me, yet the players im playing again seem to be able to hit the ball as hard as they can in such a small amount of time, whereas I press the button longer to make the shot harder and nothing happens.


Someone restore my faith in this game, as it is the ideal tennis game, but I like to play online games rather than single player and its just too difficult if you're a newbie. You're not even allowed to back out in the lobby which is the most annoying thing - you have to go to dashboard or turn your xbox off if you're up a player who should get out more.


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I have the same feeling about Top Spin 4.

Online is just far too difficult.

Check out this forum:

They have a small Virtua Tennis forum, hopefully you can find somebody there to play with.

Unfortuantly you won't find a better online experience than what VT4 offers so I can't say much to help you. TS4 is better for single player but it's online is just terrible.