VIP question?

If I had VIP, but traded my game and erased the save data, will I have to buy VIP again if I repurchase BFBC2? Thinking about picking it up again but I wont if I have to buy anything other than what I did have.


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I think you'll be O.K. Besides, if you pick it up used and it doesn't work you can return it for a full refund(within a certain time) anyway so you won't lose out either way.

@spud, yea I just picked it up, so Ill see what goes on when I get outta school.

Just go to download history on your gamertag.  Its all saved.  Shows everything you have downloaded and all data added.  Make sure to download all the updates for multiplayer.  Especially NAM.

@Graw, good point. I didnt realize that those things stayed in your history. I will have to pick up nam, isnt it in the deal of the week?

Only download update #3. 3 includes 2 and 1.

@red, cool. I didnt know I had a choice. I thought that stuff was automatic when you insert the game.

No it's not, you have to get the update though the in-game store.