VIP-code question

Hi Battlefielders, or something.

I bought BFBC2 as a retail and I got a VIP-code.

I wrote it in on the store and downloaded multiplayer update 3 for free.

But should'nt I also get the BFBC2 vietnam too for free?



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No, with the VIP code you get all the MP updates and map packs. The only paid DLC was the 'Nam pack. Besides MP update 3, you should have a bunch of downloading to do.

Howzit guys.

How do I get a VIP code if I bought the game second hand?

You have to buy it from the Marketplace. I believe it's 800 points.

Thanks beefcake.

How much is 800 points. Our currency is Rands,.

1$ = R7.

I just dont want to pay more for the code than I paid fir the game...

70 rands then


Do I do this by Credit card on my Account?

you can purchase Microsoft points via  credit card over Xbox live or you can go to the store and pick up a Microsoft points card.

Does anyone know if you buy the platinum hits edition do you get the code i that?

Thanks guys.

Had to buy 100 points as you cant buy 800.

Lets go download it now!

Oops. 1000 points