Violence isn't as Bad as ***?

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Okay. So I was scrolling though a few user-made emblems on people's Player Cards in the intermission on Call of duty: Black Ops... And there were a couple of sexually inappropriate ones what with using the pickle icon and a lot of pink colors and such.--Use your imagination. Anyway, I admit that I've used the Report Player option to report a couple of uncool racist stuff here and there. But I assume if something were overly sexual and vulgar in nature, then that would be grounds for a legitimate report. Here on the forums too. Sexually explicitness is a big no-no.


Then I thought how ridiculous that was. It's okay to customize an emblem depicting blowing a guy's head off, but not okay to have one of body parts flinging to and fro? That's dumb. And even here on the forums.--Many topics of violence and bloodshed, but anything sexual is immediately locked and banned. I'm sorry, but that is wrong. And users and players are just as much to blame for this stigma too. How many times have we bashed someone for being immature for cracking  a bathroom joke on here, but not for posting the likes of finishing moves or executions on popular M Rated games? People grow up, enter into relationships and experience sexual endeavors.--Most anyway. Most however, do not grow up becoming axe murders wanted by the FBI. In guess what I'm trying to say is that in the video game community, maybe the line is drawn just a bit too far to one side.



Oh wow. The forums automatically edited the title of my thread. See? Absurd.


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