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In all the other Forza games I never bothered to create my own vinyls, and that alone has appeared to render me useless at making my own in the 4th one.

I am interested in making more of my own vinyls but can't find any comprehensive guide on how to make them. If anyone knows of any I'd love to steal them from ya :D


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Start with something simple. As you create more, your shape recognition will improve and you will be able to make more difficult vinyls. If you put a grid over the picture you're wanting to create and then try to match the grid to the grid on the vinyl creator, you might find your vinyls more accurate and in proportion. Hope this helps :)

I sent you a PM of a link for some tips.  When I started, I started simple.  Also it is good habit to think in layers.  This also applies to making logos and/or pictures.  Start by finding a picture of a livery online of a car that you like and copy it.  This will help in learning how to manipulate each shape and before you know it, you will feel comfortable in understanding how the editor works.  Good luck.

I created my first vinyl few days ago in forza 2, have already made 50 mil, it feels much more rewarding selling your own stuff.