Vietnam Rush

What is the point of playing rush if you aren't going to actually play rush? Last night I got angrier and angrier with my team I ended up rage quitting and going to play L4D2 and D:SF....I know this is probably a post that has been posted a million times before but WTF!?

Last night, with one group, I was the ONLY player on my team that tried to arm the objective!! In many other teams, there were literally the same three trying to arm it. Everyone else couldn't give a damn. There are players that don't move from one spot: they don't try to arm or disarm. There are players that don't disarm even if they are sat next to the damn thing (you know when they are because the thing disarms quicker if you and they are disarming or arming). There are players that when attacking run completely the other way..WHY?! Go and play team deathmatch on COD if that's what you want to do! 



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this is when you should just change teams, it seems there are a lot of players who just don't know how to play RUSH.

I was in a game and some level 50 fool was destroying the building the MCOM was in and i said don't your going to make it easier for them to get in and out and harder for us to disarm, he was i know what i am doing, then next thing it was armed because they dropped in from above and could not get it disarmed because a tank drove up to keep anyone from disarming. And I said your really good level 50 helping the other team, you should have left the doors and walls to slow the other team down.

This is when i was forget that guy time to go to the other team, and can't be on the same squad or team with a player who just does not get how to play RUSH.

Its the same on the non Vietnam game. people camping or hunting miles away from the MCOMs , while theyre supposed to be defending. Other team drops in and destroys them. These non objective players ruin the whole experience of Battlefield.

Any of you guys wanna squad up , just add me . Im on most nights.

Lets hope this changes in BF3 an all.

I agree with all the points raised so far and the doubly annoying thing is that the more you try to play the game correctly the more frustrating it becomes as you are one of a small number of people on your team putting yourself into the dangerous areas of the map. It's stupid as hell.

But when you do get into a balanced game it's amazingly good fun.