Vidmaster achievements for ODST

Vidmaster achievements for ODST. Need players. At least 3 players


Once I accept you, you gotta tell me who you are and say that I needed help with ODST


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What time zone are you and when are you avail?

Well, I live in New York . so its in the Eastern Time Zone.

I am availible Mon-Fri after 3:30pm

Saturday- 7:30pm

Sunday- Anytime

Does anyone else want to help me?

I could help I need endure and most 200k's

i need endure and deja vu achievements for odst

i live in new zealand

add me to friends list

msg me when im online and I'll join u immediately after invite  

Same here, I need Endure and Deja Vu.  I live in California, so just let me know!!

anyone who needs help with achievements hit me up, im in hawaii and im on for a couple hours everyday usually between two to seven pm.. i need three achievements, two from odst one from halo 3...

I need endure.

im in australia.

send me a message.

i need deja vu and annual so if anyone wants to add me im down to them both this weekend.