*VIDEO* Pro Drifter trying Forza 4.


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Yeah, I didn't watch all of that since it was random.  Couple remarks:

A) YES, making the font minuscle just because newer TVs can display them gets really, REALLY annoying when someone's using a normal TV.  Stop it already.  Nobody how cares how small your font is.  Make it legible.

B) When drifting you feel G forces, the car may still be sideways but your body will get a shifting sensation warning you the car is starting to shift it's weight.  Without these inputs the snap oversteer seems random.  But it is not.  You're just completely lacking in sensation.

It's kind of like complaining that cars don't really spontaneously lift or lose traction in certain parts of Nurbringring.  Yet I guaranty you inside of the car you'll get that weightless feeling and get slammed side to side enough to make you puke.  Yet on the TV all you see is you going straight, maybe hitting a bump then losing traction seemingly at random.

Anyway,  to say it's too HARD to drift in this is funny.  You have to work really hard to push that car too far and not recover.  Really hard.

A 25 inch TV and a controller? There's no way he can formulate a reasonably accurate assessment. Consequently, his opinion means little to me.

I've never heard of this John. Is he of any note in the drifting world? I'd be very surprised given the state of disrepair to both his sloppy shop and his general appearance and hygiene given the video. Anyone who's opinion is worth its weight has done so using a proper wheel set up on a proper HDTV.

To sit there in a lawn/gamer chair, talking about one's state of arousal while drifting is both unprofessional and laughable. He couldn't even be sure his settings were correct due to an inability to read the screen off their "workshop" tv and we're expected to take him seriously?

LOL. I suppose he is entitled to an opinion like the rest of us though lol.

I have difficulty agreeing with pro videogame reviewers......


Pointless video.