VIDEO - Huge Stadium Build - Dallas Cowboys Stadium - To Scale (Mostly)

Check out the stadium a friend (Chr1stast1c) and I created. Took about 2 months of work. The field, screen, and alot of features are to scale 1:1. We had to leave out a row or two of seating because of the build ceiling on the Xbox 360 Edition. Still pretty awesome!!!


Anybody else seen Cowboys Stadium done on the Xbox version of Minecraft?




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It's really nice. It's just to bad the Cowgirls are a terrible team and until they learn that Tony Romo is the driving force behind them being terrible they will remain at the bottom of the NFL.

Haha... looks like you must be a Steelers fan... well thanks for putting the smack on Vick, wish that injury could have hurt his hand just a tiny bit more!! :)

Think Richardson will be able to make a difference for the Browns?

That really cool me and a few friends are working on making the  td garden

was the field made of real dirt with grasss or green wool?


Looks great.  How long did it take? 


How many people worked on it?


How did you plan out the design?


We used grass at first, but the randomly spawning animals were annoying!!! So we eventually switched it all up to green wool.

Took about 2 months!

2 people.

We started with the field and then just went up a level at a time! We used pictures from Bing Images, Cowboys website, and some arch websites to get some of the details.