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Hey everyone,

     My mom was one of the typical parents who looked down upon video games and referred to them as a great waste of my time and talent.  Recently, I had a college assignment for a product evaluation of my choosing.  I decided to go with the Xbox 360 console, as this was a familiar topic to me, and proceeded to write the essay in the MLA format with proper citations from the school database.  The result was a perfect 100 score on the essay, and praise from the instructor on a job well done.  So, who says that my video games cannot be useful to me in my real life?  I shall flaunt this to my mom with zero remorse. 


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Moms will be moms, she only wanted you to achieve the best you can be. No need to shove your perfect score in her face~

Pfft, I shall have some fun with this regardless ;p

Nice! I'd be interested in reading the essay you wrote =)

be proud!  I got an A+ on a college paper using Calvin of Calvin and Hobbes as my hypothetical student.  Teachers LOVE creativity.  Congrats and flaunt away!  :)

Congrats on that.  Thats a them for who they are not what you ant them to be.   What about the 360 did you write about?

I don't see anywhere to throw this up as a word document, so I just pasted it from word.  I wasn't able to get into any high detail, the class limited me to 500-750 words.





360 Review

            The Xbox 360 can be an excellent addition to any home for
a family as well as for the adults.  A
family game time night can be a constructive way to spend time with the
children, or a session of game time can be a relaxing way to spend your night
after a hard day of work.  However a
consumer chooses to game, the Xbox 360 has enough graphics power and games to
satisfy fans of all game genres.

            The system itself can be bought as a singular product or
come in bundles with games, as well as having varying hard drive storage
capacities.  If the consumer is
downloading music and movies, or is playing a massive amount of games, the
larger capacity hard drives may be necessary. 
Otherwise, the standard 4GB storage capacity will be enough to store all
of the game data required at a cheaper price. 
Most systems come with a single wireless controller, though the heavy
bundles generally come with two controllers and a game.  There are many bundles to choose from,
generally launching with the release of a major game title.

            The Xbox 360 graphics are very comparable to the
Playstation 3 as well as a medium powered PC gaming rig.  The games themselves will determine exactly
how much graphics power will be used, but the consumer will enjoy the lush
environments and strong character models of the top graphical games.  The Xbox also uses the HDDVD format,
providing high definition quality sound and visuals.  It is worth mentioning, however, that the
system will not play Blu-ray discs as the Playstation 3 can, though it can play
the basic DVD formatted movie. 
Additionally, the Xbox 360 can also provide support for streaming movie
services, such as Netflix.  Provided the
consumer has active broadband internet connection, the Xbox 360 can stream the
movies straight to the living room, providing an alternate source of
entertainment without leaving the home.

            One of the strongest points of owning an Xbox 360 is the
value of entertainment for children, as well as families.  The Kinect sensor bar provides a new
dimension of fun without the use of a controller by adding a camera and motion
sensor that detects where the player is, what they look like, and what they are
doing.  This data is then used to control
the game simply by watching your moves.  In
the publication Children’s Technology
the Kinect is described as a “hands free gaming system” that can
allow you to do such things as “drive a car by pretending to hold an invisible
steering wheel” (23).  By simply moving
your hands left in right in the fashion of holding your invisible steering
wheel, the car will turn left or right according to how you move.  There are also other games that use the
Kinect gaming system such as sports games, arcade style games, and shooters.  Families spanning of all ages can take part
in the fun that this new style of gameplay provides.

            For the adult gaming enthusiast, there are many titles
that are appealing.  One of the largest
and most recent titles, Gears of War 3, has already moved over three million
copies and is closely followed by its rival, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 (Hachman).  Both are excellent adult games, though they
are not recommended for children due to their mature rating and the bloody
content held within.  There are also a
large assortment of role playing games, racing games, strategy games, and other
genres available, depending on the tastes of the individual customer.

            Regardless of the age group, consumers will be satisfied
with the quality and the diversity of the Xbox 360 system.  Between the applications for single gamers,
entire families, or even for a group of friends, the system can provide nearly
unlimited entertainment at a very competitive price.  Between the games and the movie streaming, as
well as other various applications, families can find endless enjoyment in the
comfort of the living room.


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Well done.  Thanks for posting it!

Very nice!

This is one of those times when you did right and didnt listen to your mother, more times than I care to count do I wish I had listened to my mother. Great essay too, made me want to buy an xbox 360 now.