Video Game Violence

Just recently I was assigned the title topic as my senior topic project and I found it to be both awkwardly and frustratingly interesting. I’m not sure I understood where the frustration came from at first but I realized that my frustration led me to be outraged at the idea of getting rid video games with a mere hint of violence in them. I love video games, the graphics, the story lines, and the characters. Hopefully they are my future, and hopefully my future isn’t hindered by the self-selflessness of someone who finds these to be tearing apart “our” morals. Anyways I’m here to ask a controversial question: What’s your position on video game violence?  

I know i just signed up but i put this up on over 25 sites to get NEEDED info,and i thought that this would be a good idea because its not bias,and not bias is good.Also,lets try to be civilized,I tried this on the BF3's site and all i got was a bunch of trolling as usual. 

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I think a more interesting take would be how glorified violence is in all our entertainment and how taboo [Removed] is. It's fine to blow heads apart but you can't even talk about blowing in [Removed] or people lose their minds.

How do you think asking this question on is NOT biased?!  Of course you're gonna get a pro-video game bias.

As for the topic itself, if there is one group of people who have shown time and time again they aren't qualified to speak on morals -- It's the government.

i can't believe that  in this day and age that people(politicians especially) blame video games for all the violence in the world...get a grip it's  a game unlike our boys in iraq & afghan who you sent to play for real !!!

people have been killing each other since cain picked up that rock and craked abels head open. to somehow suggest that violence and murder which go back 1,000's of years, is caused by video games, movies, music and porn, which has been around less then 100 years, is a logical fallacy.  the claim is that people that commit violence play video games, so therefore video games cause people to be violent. that is a logical fallacy. it would be like me saying "i believe war is justifiable, so therefore war is indeed justifiable". vidoe games are a common household item now, like tv's, computers, milk and sofa's. a lot of people have video game systems. just like a lot of people have cellphone's. all these spree killers had cellphone's, yet no one says owning and useing a cellphone makes you violent and kill people. i can argue that the celluar waves hitting peoples brains mess up their brains and cause them to be violent. that makes way more sense then playing video games cause people to be violent. and that is also a logical fallacy. you can't say guy has this, guy kills a person, so this caused him to do it. and no mention is ever made of the millions of people who play video games and never commit acts of violence or kill anyone.

I've been playing video games for years and I personally think all this exposure to graphic violence desensitizes us to the real life counterpart. I don't believe video game violence drives people to commit violent acts but it sure doesn't help.

However, the government of any nation has no business trying to regulate video games. Western culture has included violent movies and television shows for decades and there doesn't seem to be any effort to curb the violence. In fact it has increased!

I think it's unfortunate that video games become the scapegoat in some cases, most notably with the Columbine tragedy. A lot of media coverage implied Doom had something to do with the young men snapping but to me that's only a small piece of a much larger puzzle.

Playing violent games does not necessarily desensitize. I've been playing them for years and I still cringe when I see someone get beat up or hurt badly, outside of pro sports. Maybe certain personality types get desensitized to being exposed to fake violence but it's certainly not everyone.

Anyone who would kill someone and blame it on a video game is someone who was only a wave or two short of a shipwreck to begin with. The world is full of different kinds of stimulation. It's how we each decide to act on that stimulation that causes problems, not the stimulation itself. Politicians might as well turn their sights to mosquitos buzzing in people;s ears or the gum that gets stuck on the bottoms of shoes, because anything can set anyone off at any time. Maybe we should start making people accountable for their actions instead of justifying them by blaming everything around them.


And yes, I also agree that if violence in media isn't an issue, *** shouldn't be either. We are effectively teacing our youth that the human body and the very act that brings life into the world is a no-no, but guns & violence is okay in comparison. What a backwards world we live in.


Edit: Case in point... The word S 3 X has been filtered, but violence is proudly displayed in all it's glory. We are truly under the watch of morons.

There's always something to blame apparently.  It used to be books, then television and movies, then music, now it's games.  Tomorrow they will blame the internet so they can try to control it

Blaming video games is the easy thing to do. Politicans dont really want to tackle the issue which is poor parenting. Ive been playing violent video games now since I was around 8(26 now) and not once have I decided to go out and perform a fatality on someone because thats what Lui Kang did on Mortal Kombat. My parents always told me what was allowed and what wasnt, playing video games was but trying to duplicate what I saw on them wasnt. Parents need to stop letting video games, tv, and cpus babysit their children and need to teach them morals and values

There was violence way before video games. So it dosent make sense to me when people blame violence on video games.

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