Video for getting Avelyn from Duke's Archives WITHOUT risk of falling

Most vids for getting the 3-shot crossbow involve jumping from a moving set of rotating stairs.  If you time it right, it seems easy.  But if you miss by even a split second, you're probably going to die and have to clear the area again.  Even if you survive, you'll spend the next 3 or 4 minutes making your way back up to the staircase.  There's a way to do this by taking advantage of the game's save system, which is impossible to mess up.  I made this vid using a lvl 106 Cleric, and my vitality was around 32, which is plenty to survive the drop down.

No Risk Method

However, if you're feeling adventurous, and want to save the 30 seconds it takes to save and reload your game, here's the method for timing your jump down.  I'm terrible at this kind of jumping and platforming, so that's why I'm a fan of the first method in the video I made. 

Here's the alternate video


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Praise the sun! Thanks for the vid..

Avelyn is great when powerd up and using lightning bolts, very good for that nasty place in the tomb of the giants where the ember is located just kill the skeletons from above and its excellent for killing titanite demons at range.