Vibration On or Off?

I detected massive changes in my games when my batteries in my controllers where dying. When you start running out of electricity from your batteries the vibration setting is disabled. I played two games of big team battle, and i got 17+ kills on both of them. Before, the vibration kept on moving my hand, which then I couldn't focus my shots correctly, getting less kills, now on each game with the vibration off, I get a minimum of at least 10 kills. What settings do you use? On, or off?


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It's fewer by the way.


And vibration on all the way. personally. I find the opposite you do, and the lack of vibration absolutely cripples my ability to aim.

when I'm playing online on reach I believe I dont even notice the vibation settings but I would go ahead and say off

I had the samething happen to me but I do worse when the vibration is off.

I know that when i used to play Halo 3, i preferred having the vibration on because i'd know when i was getting shot at without having to look at the shield bar.


Can't quite remember whether i played with it on or off when i started playing Reach though, i have a feeling i might have turned it off because it shook too much when i was firing DMR but i might just be making that up, terrible memory lol.

I have mine on.  It's a sensory cue that I rely on.

I prefer vibration to be on. I've become way too accustomed to feeling that vibration and using it as my "fight or flight" cue. I hate it when the batteries are almost dead, and the vibration shuts off to conserve power. It just feels so weird. That's why I've never understood why people take their vibration packs out. That would irk me so much.

Off. Pointless gimmicky feature in my opinion. I hate it. I hate it and it slightly ruins my BR. Plus, having it on drains battery's faster.


So, so far the cool kids are:


And I.


No vibration for the win! :D