vG Vexed Gaming Community Recruiting.. Minecraft, Halo 4, Cod & More. were youtubers aswell!

Hey everyone! im jamie 19 years old i am recruiting for a new clan we are a community gaming clan so its mainly for fun, we play all types of games ranging from minecraft to FPShooters like cod & halo 4 we are allowing anyone to join as long as you are loyal and fun! we dont play clan matches but if we get enough people who like to as we currently have some good gamers we will start clan matches for those who like to do so! but overall were mainly about fun and being social! we do not have a website but when my youtube channel gets bigger i will certainly be investing in a new one guys!

so yeah i currently have a youtube its not the biggest at the moment but i havnt been doing it for that long so for what i have done its good i upload daily on all sorts of things and i also get clan members in to join aswell for example lets play minecraft series if you get on with me well enough you can join in that series as i am thinking of making a new one with several people! so yeah guys if you enjoy just joining a social gaming community clan anyone is allowed male or female a mix is better as we are all welcome!

PS i also have a ranking system more loyal you are the higher you will become in the ranks!

Message & add me on xbox! x iCaRbOn UK


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anyone else up for joining guys?