vetran and pro achivement question

Hi if i join some one's game on pro or vetran on any mission and the game is all ready in progress will this still count towards the achievement ? do i have to play all the way through with out dropping out or do i have to begin at the start of the level with player who is hosting ? thank you.


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I was also wondering this. Also do difficulty achievements stack. If I beat it on pro, will it unlock the vet achievement too?


I'm afraid I don't know the answer to the main question, but to Brandiesel1 last question, yes the achievements do stack. I unlocked both when I beat the game on professional. Got the Vet achievement also.

You can always check your stats from the main menu.  You can see what the highest difficulty you've completed on each level, plus your highest rank.

thanks pro should unlock vetran other games do this so why should res evil be diffrent ?

p.s game uk 11 out 20 stores in and round london closed down,Woolich,Camden town,Victoria,Stratford etc  this was from a friend of mine who told me.

I was hosting a pro match, my internet went down, then when I got back on I joined my friend who had been in the match's session in progress and still got credit when I finished.

lucky sod lol