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I seen a dog tag or something that claims you need to be a vet of battlefield to get..... i have been playing since BFBC2 and i got a vet status on BF3 but not this one, what do you have to do?


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The dog tag is part of the Veteran Battlepack which is awarded to those that have played BF:BC2 or BF3. While you're eligible for that battlepack, most people still haven't gotten their pack yet as it and veteran status for BF4 was disabled due to an issue with the distribution of it.

Even though 2 and a half months has passed since the Veteran Battlepack was disabled, there is still no update on the situation as DICE has made it their priority to fix BF4 for those that are having issues with it, but they haven't forgotten about this issue. All we can do for now is wait for DICE to fix this issue.

Let's give them a year. That's hopefully enough time to fix the bigger issues!

Rusted thanks for the info, is there a release date for the next maps?

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Rusted thanks for the info, is there a release date for the next maps?


DICE has stopped working on the DLCs in order to focus on patching the issues with BF4 that some people still have. Looking at the premium calendar, there is no upcoming expansion packs listed. If you are one Xbox 360, Second Assault might come out Tuesday, but that is a longshot at best. If you are on Xbox One, Naval Strike is next, but with no release date.

DICE developed China Rising and was developing Naval Strike so Naval Strike is probably going to get delayed. Second Assault was developed by DICE LA. While we know DICE is busy patching BF4, we don't know what DICE LA was doing since work on the DLC was halted by DICE. That is the lone reason I think Second Assault won't get delayed on the Xbox 360 while the last 3 expansions will be subject to a delay.

fingers crossed then???? thanks again.