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Is it just me or are some of the challenges just too hard? I consider myself a good gamer but ...... damn! Mile High Club in a minute?!!!?????? I'm on a mission to get the whole 1000 gamer points from some games but the Call of Duty series is just too hard....I've got Assassins Creed 2 and Medal of Honor so far - many more to follow...


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In the beginning of the Mile High Club mission, you have to run pass the guy using the restroom and shoot the guy in front of the meeting room and toss a flashbang and spray each enemy you encounter. Switch to your side arm a to avoid reloading your weapon during that step. Before you enter the next room,reload primary weapon and side arm then move to the right and toss a flashbang between the passenger seats and wait for the explosion and kill each enemy that is blind. Use the cover on the left, go prone, then kill the guy on the right. After that step, kill the enemies that are near the staircase only if your team didn't kill them. Go prone if you're wounded or you will risk getting killed. Walk up the steps and toss a flash bang in the middle of that room and kill each enemy. Kill the enemies that are still alive in the next room and move towards the right where you would see a table with flashbangs and take them. Toss a flashbang in the next area and RUSH towards the room where the three guys with the shotguns are at and kill them with your pistol or MP5. Now finally run to the closed doors where the hostage is located and take out the terrorist with a headshot. ONLY A HEADSHOT WILL GET YOU THE ACHIEVEMENT! If kill the terrorist by shooting him anywhere else besides the head, you will have to restart the mission over. Follow these tips and you should get your achievement.

WOW - thanks for the reply - will give it ago!

BTW - how do you run the cargo mock up in less than 20 seconds?! My best time is about 23.....I know accuracy knocks time off!?

use nothing but the pistol and knife

There are some great walkthroughs on Youtube, I suggest you look there for help.

That's what I did.

The way I did it was right after I killed the guy at the bottom of the stairs I primed by flash and threw it in the room which saves some time.  Ran in shot them went to the next room and right after I killed the last guy primed the flash again and threw it in the next room.  I think my best was around 18 seconds.