Very important ?'s re: XBox One games streamed to play on Win 10

     I was extremely happy to learn that Microsoft has finally done something contructive...making PC, Xbox One, and Xbox  games at last compatible for all, no matter what your favorite machine might be!  But they've also left some very important questions unanswered!

     Being disabled I've never been able to use console controllers very well, especially in driving games and sims.  So I normally play these kinds of games on my PC rig, using a flight controller like my Thrustmaster M.16000T for proper steering, brake, and throttle control.  But now if I take an XBox game like F1 Formula 2015, and stream it to my Win 10 PC to actually play it, I need to know if I can continue using my controller choice or if I will be forced to use the compatible XBox One controller instead?

     Right now I'm running a PC version of this particular game and have it set just right with my choice of controller, but in the near future I can easily see where I might want to stream from the PC into my XBox One console to play in another room.  Going in this direction...from PC to XBox I'm sure I'll have to use the XBox One controller, but if I start buying a lot more games made directly for XBox One and then stream them to my PC for use, I need to know if I'll either have to give up my PC Flight controller and again get stuck only being able to use the XBox controller once again!

     Any help/confirmation of any kind will be of great value to me.  Thanx in advance!


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