VERSUS PLAYERS! Let's get some games going! :D

Hello all,


Just rediscovered the awesomeness of RESI 5.

I haven't had the pleasure of playing VERSUS with anyone... Yet.


Perhaps we could get a few games going with a bunch of Resident Evil fans from this forum?


I think it'll be a good laugh :)



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Want to do a friendly 1v1? By the way, for anyone going for the versus achievements private match (rounds not counted for points on leaderboards) are counted as wins for the achievement as well as ranked so you can boost easily. I can help you get the achievement for slayers/survivors by letting you win or even team up and play randoms for the team slayers/survivors but I'm not that good.

Teaming up would be good :)

I've never played the online portion of this game; would love to try some friendly matches. Currently trying to finish Professional (couch co-op) with my woman but its a slow endeavour.

I wouldn't mind having some friendly 1v1s in versus. If we can get another person we could do 2v2 with *IAmRadicalPanda*. I'll send you a friend request if you're interested, and if you need help on professional I'm of aid as well.

Definitely interested. I'm not going to be a challenge at first, obviously you have much more experience then me. Teams would be fun too. Looks like you've played the Story a bunch so don't feel obligated but I wouldn't say no to help.

Campaign and versus don't really have as much play time compared to my total, about 800 hours of that is just mercenaries. For campaign, I beat each difficulty with the default A.I. on professional with S ranks but after that it got boring to play over and over. For slayers and survivors in versus, I exchanged giving my friend other items in the game for me to boost wins for the achievements. Team survivors was actually legit with random players and team slayers was played with one of the people at the top 10 for versus leaderboards at the time so it was no challenge.

From playing with some really good people here are some tips as basics that I learned(not exactly the best but what I learned)

If you want to get good at versus there is two default setups you should know as basics. First is the control setup:

Type B or Default Re4 controls preferably.

^With Type B (what I use) the *Right Stick(RS) rotates the camera. Rotating it allows to see about 90 degrees from the current field of view. Aiming while the camera is rotated automatically snaps the field of view to the current point. This allows for turning to a nearby enemy to be a lot easier.

^Most people don't know this but there is one control setup that allows 180 degree turns (*Left Stick(LS) down + A) to be slightly faster than the others. I'm not exactly sure if it is the default Re4 setup or not, but if you don't use type B I suggest this control scheme.

Next thing is weapon choice/conceiling/speed/rpg "quickshots". If you ever play survivors quite often people will choose to run around with grenades or something light. Grenades are apparently quicker(I can't really confirm this but just go with it) and make other players stunned(flash/hand if it doesn't direct impact/incendiary on direct impact) or damage (very miniscule on flash blind and others on direct impact). Aside from that, carrying a grenade can hide the current weapons inside the inventory (Example: Picking up a rocket launcher will set it on the back of the current character you are playing as, swapping weapons will put the default weapon (ex: VZ61) on the back of the player so the enemy can't see the weapons in your inventory). Lastly, holding a grenade or pistol allows for weapons to be swapped very quickly if aiming with the grenade prior to. One of the most common ways to be killed from the start is by someone swapping to the rocket launcher. To do this/why: Aim the grenade/pistol/light weapon then press the assigned corresponding D-pad input and shoot. In the case of the RPG, this eliminates having to go through the animation of lowering it over the shoulder and then proceeding to shoot.

Hope this helps if you haven't seen/don't already know this.

If you want me to make a full out guide I can as well.

Thanks for the tips man, I'm excited to try it now. A full guide isn't neccessary unless you just really want to. Experience is the best teacher for me. I'm going to experiment with the controls first to see which one I prefer. Is there still quite a few people playing the Multiplayer?

As far as multiplayer goes, the only game type that is consistently dead is mercenaries reunion. Desperate Escape or Lost in Nightmares are left alone for certain periods of the day but usually people will join if you host a lobby for a couple minutes. Campaign always has active players from what I've seen. Normal mercenaries has about 2-3 sessions up at a time when I search for them, so long as you aren't picky with map choice it is easy to join sessions (if you want specific maps I suggest hosting). The one you are probably concerned with is the versus DLC and I honestly haven't played it that recently but when I did it was pretty active. When searching, games can be 2-4 players (4 is required for team) and what tends to happen is quite a few lobbies will sit at 1 player and the 2-3 range will instantly fill up. Not saying everyone does this, but from what I've seen most players are impatient when searching. Also in ranked matches a lot of people will get their friend to join with them since the amount of open lobbies is low enough to see from searching quick match usually (you can't invite friends to ranked matches, but they can join from searching).

Aside from that, you don't really have to change your control setup but it makes quite a difference once you see how it actually operates with the ability to rotate the camera and snap to the location.

Also on a side note, the characters you can use for versus mode are the same you can unlock during the original mercenaries. From the bonus features menu in play game, they will be available to be bought at the bottom labelled character a,b,c, etc for a considerable amount of exchange points once you have the download.

I think I need to play some mercenaries first so I can unlock some characters. I had Chris and Sheva when I jumped into a quick match, not sure if it makes a difference or different ones have better weapons. I think I won my first Team Survivor game, but I got booted on my second game. Its fun I'll give it some more time later.

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