Versus achievements and....

There are a few achievements I'm sure some of us would want to get an easy way that require us to... "Do this" and "Do that" that I'm sure we can do by setting up private matches with seven other players. If this is allowed, would people want to do this?


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 I am game, but be warned you are going to need a full match. Not that the achievments require it, but with time limits and the zombies and such makes some impossible without alot of people

Well that's why I'm posting it here. Hopefully get seven other people and we can all help each other out with it. :P


  I have two friends, one started a similiar topic yesterday. They want to try this weekend, so that makes for of us

hey another buddy tCruize seems interested in doing this, that makes five.

I'll send a message to everyone and see about setting up times

Out of curiousity, how many people are needed for a private match?


  You need at leats 2 one for each team

I'd been keen to do the versus achievements. Send me a message if you're still setting up a game!

You guys should join this website, You can create and join sessions.  It makes getting these achievements a lot easier.