Vehicle Experience Glitch

So I started playing BF3 yesterday, and long story short, I'm not getting any vehicle experience.  For example, yesterday I got a bunch of helicopter and tank kills, but then when the game ended, I didn't receive any vehicle experience at all; it stayed at 0 exp.  So I thought ok, maybe it's just lagging a bit, but game after game, all my vehicle exp's stayed at 0.  Even under "My stats" it said I had no exp for any vehicles, after restarting my xbox and giving it a day.  Even battlelog says I have 0 exp.  BUT it even shows that I have kills with the vehicle!  But still no exp.

Then finally today, I went in a helicopter again and got 4 kills (adding up to about 450-500 exp), and at the end of the game, it gave me 40 exp (not a typo).  So better than nothing, but still, I now have 40 helicopter exp, when I should have a couple thousand.

Anyone else having this problem?  It's quite irritating :/

Any help would be appreciated, thanks.


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Make sure you're in the proper vehicle. Just saying you got into a chopper doesn't really help. If you got into the transport helo, no points go towards any chopper for that, at all. Scout choppers are the tiny ones. Attack choppers are the two seaters. Those go accordingly. For tanks. LAV, BTR, and BMP are not a main tank. Those are IFVs. The Abrams and T-90 are the only ones to count towards actual tank points.

Only the A-10 is glitched as far as experience and stats go. My assumption is you were in a Transport Chopper which is NOT an Attack Chopper or Scout Chopper.

Ok I think I just made a beginner's mistake haha.  All the kills were in choppers where I was a passenger on the side of the chopper and I was firing from a mounted minigun.  Are those the types of choppers that don't give you exp for kills?

This is going to be really embarrassing if that was the problem lol, but then again I guess I'd rather look stupid but know my game's ok hahaha :)

Yes, that's the problem. Those are the transport choppers. I've gotten some nice kills in them but they offer no points towards being in any kind of chopper at all. Don't worry about it, though. Many made the same mistake when starting BF3.

Transport unlocks would be cool though, for the cars and the choppers.

Katsaka or Venom is what you were in. The Little Bird and Z11 are the scouts, Viper and Havoc are the attack helis.

They still count towards time in chopper for the service medal though right?

In the Chopper times... Yes.