Varrick and Varick the prooving fan.

So, I have been doing a new playthru on Origins, and I got talking to the Prooving fan Varick. I was wondering whether he was our favourite dwarf, from DA2? He has a beard, and im sure, but not certain, that he only has one R in his name.  With us meeting Isabella in Denerim in Origins, I thought, could this be the same with Varrick? Thoughts?


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Could be. I don't remember who that is from DA:O though. Good find. ;)

Varick from Dragon Age: Origins.

The first line states 'Not to be confused with Varric.'

Also, Varric's backstory tells us he was born in Kirkwall, and during the Deep Roads expedition he makes it clear he has no interest in Orzammar.

Nice try though, there must be other subtle links and continuations with characters between the two games hidden in there somewhere.

Thanks for that Rik N7. Good to know.