Vanilla Vs GOTY edition

I heard that the original, and GOTY editions had separate gamerscore, so that you can get more achievements. Was wondering if this is true?


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The achievements are the same, but they are in fact tallied up separately, in other words, 2000 GS for beating both games.  I spotted a copy of the original the other day that had access to exclusive armour, anybody have this?  

360 Arkham Asylum

360 Arkham Asylum GOTY

PC Arkham Asylum (GFWL)

PC Arkham Asylum GOTY (GFWL)

As far as I know, those are the ones you can separate achievements on, I think there are Japanese versions too..

We have a copy of the GOTY edition sitting on the trade wall at work for a fiver... may now have to get it... was richly tempted before, but now... well... it's 1000G for playing the game I love, again.

Yes, I played both versions of the game but couldn't get the Combat Challenges Achievements in either of them :(

You can also get another 1,000 for the PC version too!

Can it only be used in 'Challenge Mode"?  Come on, don't tease, what's it really like?  Is it as cool as the Armoured Suit?

Yeah, I got day 1 Vanilla with the 'secret armor'. Not that impressive.

I think the 'exclusive armour' and the Armoured Suit are the same..