Vanguard Biotic Charge actually fixed?

Prior to the previous patch, I was constantly encountering the issue in which my Krogan Battlemaster would execute a Biotic Charge.  This would be followed by a glitch which would send me flying into the air and then skydive repeatedly; forcing me to quit the current match.  I stopped using the Krogan Battlemaster when joining a Quick Match, I just solo Bronze.  I only use my Krogan Sentinel when joining Quick Matches because he doesn't have any powers that causes a glicth(as far as I know).  Now, after the previous patch, I became more confident and used my Krogan Battlemaster as the Host of the gathering in a Public Match.  I haven't experienced that glitch thus far and so have my other fellow players who were using Vanguards.  Has anyone else encountered this glitch recently or have your Vanguard games gone off without a hitch in which you weren't the host and a guest to someone else session?  Is it safe for me to use my Krogan Battlemaster as a guest to someone else session or should I stay away from it.  I use Wi-fi but have the maximum signal strenght, thus my connection in not going to be an issue.  Thank you very much for your assistance regarding this matter, I really appreciate them!  :)


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The glitch is fixed. You can biotic charge all you want.

Thank you, that is indeed awesome news!  :)  Gonna jump into multiplayer now then  :)