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I contracted vampirism already lol. I hate being a vampire so I have been trying to figure out how to get rid of it. It starts as just a 25% health affect. You won't get any notification your infected. You'll have to check affects under the manic menu. I caught it from fighting a vampire. Anyway to cure it, just go to any shrine and pray. Just do it quick before it progresses and don't sleep anywhere.

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Ummm, are any of the Mudcrabs Vendors? lol....back on topic....How did you contract the Vamp disease, by the enemy simply touching you during combat? Would be cool if they had some kind of cinematic where the Vamp actually bites you. Death to all Vamps!!! By the Nine I'll rid all of Tamriel of 'em.

I suspect you did get a notification but you missed it.


I've got some disease and I did get a notification for it.


Poryphic Hemophilia (?) *IS* a disease and you do get notifications for them, so that would be incredibly unlikely and dubious to not get a warning for the game's [probably] most devastating disease. You can clear the initial disease extremely easily, as with all diseases, but I wouldn't be able to tell you what to do if it develops into fully-fledged vampirism.


Also, friendly spoiler:


Mudcrabs are back.

Mudcrabs are different.


Also, lastly, Mudcrabs are scary... :D

We don't know if it is a burden yet though. You could cure it that way in Oblivion. If you got infected, you could go to the shrine and cure yourself for three days. Then once you slept you were a vampire.

Great. Sounds like it may be just as annoying as in Oblivion. :/   I was hoping they'd leave out vampirism completely or at the very least, not make it such a burden.

wow, thanks so much for the tip - I also don't want to be a least it's easier to cure this time around!

more like a VTD...

so it's like an std?

I was surprised. I was fighting him and I was saying outl loud " please don't make me a vampire". Then I got no notification and I was happy. Then once the sun started to come up it said " you become weaker as the sun rises". Then I knew I was infected. But the shrine cleared it right up.

No notification eh? We may have to start a Vampirism Support Group here sometime.