Vampire and Werewolf guild in the works for XB1!!

As we draw ever closer to June 9th Elder Scrolls fans that have not yet experienced ESO (this includes me!) are growing more excited to get to play this great series with others.  This guild that we are creating has strong roots to the "vampire and werewolf pure-bloodlines" in the fact that we are shooting for all members to be turned into the supernatural beast of their choice by a member of the guild. We have decided to go the role-playing route as closely as possible, while some of us have not had a guild commitment this in-depth before we are very happy to participate. For more information and detail on our guild X 501st Legion X please feel free to visit our webpage at

Anyone wishing to apply please observe the following:

1) we want a mature guild so we ask that you are at least 18 years of age.

2) that you have and use your gaming headset or chat microphone ( if we cannot communicate what is the point?)\

3) those who are interested in joining please fill out the application on the site in detail so that we get to know you ( and we shall answer any questions about ourselves and the guild to you)

4) we understand that the real world is FAR more important and people have jobs and families and things of that nature. ( we do want to be a fairly active guild with doing missions and activities with each other when possible.) That being said we are not going to become enraged if you are unable to participate in some guild activities.

5) our guild has a clear chain of command and we will expect all members to follow it as closely as possible. ( this helps with administration as the guild grows in size and members, and helps with missions and combat if everyone has a role and is on the same page!!)

6) the site that we have set up on is very helpful and all members are required to sign up to it and be apart of the discussions and communicate on the site. There is also a mobile app that works great with most phones if you so choose!

7) and above all else your are required to have fun adventuring across Tamriel with your new guild mates should you choose to join and be accepted!!

For any further information my gt is Aaron5588 and my second in command is AtomicBombFish and you can message either of us on XBL or send us a message on the website.. Thanks and hope to hear from many of you!


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