Valley of the Drakes Question?

Once a Drake is killed does it respawn after either you die or rest at a bonfire? I need to go to the lower New Londo ruins and I would prefer to use the short cut vs' going through upper New Londo just to bypass the Drakes. Any help I would appreciate.


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Yes, they do respawn.

For a short cut, you can always jump down from the first area after the long wooden bridges in New Londo.

Nevermind. They do respawn so unless the Drakes are really easy kills for you or you can run by them, stay away. Not worth the hastle to fight about 7 of them for a short cut from Firelink Shrine.

Look on youtube for the New Londo shortcut to boss. It is way easier than the Valley.


It's also a pretty good place to farm dragon scales.

^^ You know, dragon scales are one item that I have never all.