uuuuummm...did they do their homework?

OK...please correct my if im wrong

the mp412 is a russian made double action revolver using a 357 cartridge...with a short barrel

the 44 magnum uses .44 magnum ammo (duh!) and a longer barrel

Even though the 44 carries 2x the energy and stopping power as the 357...the mp412 in game does 2x the damage...And a longer range.

I would love to know how the figure this one out.


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Do you really need to ask about weapon balance/accuracy in a COD game?

I know theres not gonna be alot of balance...just for it to make a little sence. I meen for the 44 to have more damage..and a longer range, yet a slower rate of fire would be more accurate.

Its a COD game...they gave up on realism with MW2.

Also, did you notice that they took the FAMAS out, even though the French play an active part in the game now? But they add in a Chinese assault rifle.....