Oh dear. A nicely edited vid does not make a great player.

A more realistic  vid would be of all the time they spend going to dashboard ;)


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I want to make a video of being spawn trapped and use "falls apart" by stabbing westward as the soundtrack.

A few admit their short comings. For instance Ive watched a few on the ksg and they all said its hard to use and it only looks good because they obviously are only going to show their best games...


I think that's just common sense. But then again I don't watch the mega 100+ kills ones, because if anything it just highlights how big of an effect lag plays into the game, not necessarily how beastly someone is when they can be killed.

I would love to see someone who would be brave enough to post a film clip of themselves dashboarding over and over and over again...

^^^it would then have to cut to them logging into the forums and show them type a long diatribe about how unfair and baseless the temp bans are.


Then maybe show them logging back in to boost for camos.

You should start a YT channel and ONLY show games you do terrible, whether its from getting stomped from a team or bad connections, and see how many people watch that channel.

I had a game back in Halo 3 or Halo Reach (I can't recall which) where the enemy team sat in the back of that 1 forge-island level that had the mountain in the middle. They used a Scorpion tank during a CTF match & sat in the ocean behind their base with it, so you couldn't get anywhere near their flag. At the end of the game, they won 1-0 with over 70+ kills each. It was the worst game I have ever played. These were players that were ranked mystic long before anyone knew mystic was even a rank. Stinkin' boosters.... :(

Watch El Pres.  He's a pretty average player and he rage quits, smashes controllers and goes into fits of yelling and screaming.  It's quite comical.

watch ons1augh7 he post vids good bad and indifferent games during his 

road to commander + his challenges series 

Lot of good Brit guys im subbed to and a few American ones,Some very good players,Upload 200+ games every 1 or 2 days,Usually clan guys pub stomping though so its kinda easy in pub matches for them.

@TiredOldGuy...and then you could make another video of teammates banding together to break up the spawn trap and play it to Nine Inch Nails' "The Fragile." I won't let you falllll apart.  We'll find the perfect place to go where we can run and hide. We'll build a wall and we can keep them on the othersiiiide.