Using Shotgun Opinions?

For this prestige, I decided I would use shotguns once I unlocked all of PRO versions of the Perks I wanted to use.

Once that was completed, I have been using a shotgun, all of them except for the stakeout,  for all but 1 or 2 maps.

Keep in mind, this means I am using a weapon that shoots a dramatically much shorter distance than most everything else.

The upside is that if you are in range, it's pretty much a one shot kill.


Over the weekend, after one match, an opposing player tells me to switch off of the shotgun for the larger maps.

I explain the above doing the whole shotgun for this prestige and he says Cool.


A few matches later, after the match I get called every name in the book for using a shotgun.

I again explain the shotgun for this prestige and he just goes off again.


So, this got me thinking and curious.

I am interested in the forums opinions of using the shotgun.


FWIW, I still am using the shotgun for this prestige and no I am not trying to do a run and gun with lightweight or dual wields.


Thanks!  Happy Gaming! - NH42


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Honestly I think that sounds awesome....I will probably even do that. I don't see why you wouldn't run and gun with the duel wield because honestly people can complain all they want you are playing fair just because they are using ranged weapons and you get behind them doesn't give them a right to complain but they will complain no matter what you do if you do it well haha.


Use the Olympia, it's great.

My favorite shotgun is the Olympia because it is powerful and it doesnt require you to spam shots like with the other shotguns. As for running shotguns in general, I recommend using a jammer, as you will be spending a lot of your battles in closed doors. Jammers can also be used for infiltration; it disables motion sensors and claymores. The jammer also slows down enemy RC-XDs to a crawl.


Weakness of the Olympia is its reload time and there will be occasions where there will be more than 2 people rushing you at an entrance. I prefer to have a python as my secondary and slight of hand as my tier 2 perk.

Best shotgun is the Masterkey.


I have no problems with people using shotguns in the game. If they're difficult to use I can only respect people who use them effectively. I tend to rely on the Stakeout: I loathe the Olympia as it seems to be incredibly inconsistent, though the Masterkey is quite handy to have.

I got crushed in Team Tactical last night against a group of 15th 50s and the main reason was a kid had stake out, light weight, C4, hardened and ninja.....i couldn't stay in any given spot long or he would get to me haha it was sad actually.

[quote user="gameshoes3003"]

Best shotgun is the Masterkey.



Agreed. I have one on my AK-47.

Eww, masterkey is poop! only shotgun in hardcore that takes 2 shots. But I like using shotguns, and Im primarily a hardcore player where its not really the best idea when you can die from a bullet across the map. But any shotgun with SOH is a good choice, i personally prefer the olympia for the range.

Okay, I've never even used the Masterkey and you guys say its amazing? what's the range like and is it semi auto or single fire?

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