Using music to enhance your game...albeit in a perfunctory way.

Anyone else do this?


For me it started out as a joke, playing Quantum of Solace and replacing the ingame music with my CD of James Bond themes. But there have been other times where I've thought, "you know what song would work here?" or "Wouldn't it be cool if [song] was playing right now?".


Some of my favourite moments have included:


Playing the first Strider battle in Half Life 2 with "The Eve of War" from Jeff Wayne's World of the Worlds playing.

Clearing out a gang hideout in Red Dead Redemption to the tune of "Knights of Cydonia" by Muse.

The main musical hook from Monty Norman's "James Bond theme" kicking in just as I took out a guard with stealth in Quantum of Solace.


There have been more.


Anyone else had nice musical moments while playing?


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Driving games...I turn the music off.  Shooters, I leave the in game music on.  It's like watching a movie and adds to the game for me.  I never listen to "outside" music. 

ive done this from time to time. I played a game of cod with Bodies by Drowning Pool and Monster by Skillet playing and i wrecked.

I find that if I turn on some Reggae while playing Cod I generally play better and get less frustrated. And it keeps me entertained.