Using multiple Xboxes as a set-top box with AT&T Uverse television service

I have three xbox systems in the house and want to use all of them with AT&T Uverse television service - e.g. using the xboxes as set-top boxes.

I have contacted At&t and the account is set up and working with all three boxes.

However, each xbox has to log into Xbox Live with an account for the software to work - here's where the problem starts.

You can not have multiple xboxes tied to one xbox live account (as far as I know) and logged in. So, now I've got three Xbox Live accounts - one for each xbox running the At&t Uverse software. 

This doesn't seem right - am I missing something? 



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I don't think the Black Ops community can help you with this one. Go to the support forums for an answer:

Only one Xbox Account can be logged in at one time. This is how they get you if you have multiple Xbox and want to do something else besides play games if you are not a gold member, AKA: Netflix, Hulu,, ESPN, etc.