Using and Equipping Gear.

I have only played the game for around 3 hours last night, I have found bits of gear as I am going along.

I have seen on a forum you can equip a hat, shirt and pants and boots. my questions is as i have only just started can i equip all 4 if i have them straight away?

or do i have to buy slots,as i am sure i only have the burning halo equipped, to be honest I have not paid to much attention to the equipment part at the moment, need to have a good look at what i have.

Any Help would be appreciated.



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They should be equipped automatically.  You can find it via the back button to cycle through gear and select different effects.

hit the back button and go through your inventory.  I was on a skyline, need my extra damage on skyline stuff, so, I took off my vampiric boots and switched while on the hook  :)

thanks for your help, does it equip the best gear automatically that you have available? or do you have to switch it yourself?

I wouldn't say there is a best gear.  There is a best gear for the situation you are in, so you have to switch to the gear yourself for that situation.

it equips the first set of gear you collect for that particular slot. when you find more gear it will ask you if you want to pick up gear, equip, or compare. i belive Y will compare the gear. it will pull up the currently equipped gear and show you what it does. then you can eaither switch it or just pick it up. saves you from having to go in and change it manually.